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Animal's Rescue And Rehabilitation

We welcome horse enthusiasts at any level, from a first-time rider through advanced riders.
Rescue And Rehabilitation Of Domesticated Animals


We are educating and inspiring the community through outreach programs that teach people to understand the responsibility of owning and caring for animals. Through this education we hope to heal and create happy homes for the unwanted horses, pets and farm animals. We hope to prevent the need for our facility and others like it.

Animal Rescue
They Need you
You Can Make
The Difference
learn to ride horses and care for animals

100% of donations received go directly to the care of the formerly homeless animals

Saddle Brook Farm Animal Rescue is a safe haven for owner turn-ins. When a person can no longer provide for their animal; they may turn over ownership to SBFAR. They can then volunteer and assist here at the farm without the responsibilities of ownership, thus keeping a positive relationship with their former pet. Networking along with educating throughout our communities we are building a constructive nurturing environment between animals and humans.

Horses have a special gift to rehabilitate people. We here at SBFAR use this gift to work with special needs children/adults and veterans. Through this educational program we have helped build self-confidence and repair old wounds.

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