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We welcome horse enthusiasts at any level, from a first-time rider through advanced riders.
The story of our Alpaca Rescue:


In 2014, we were called to an alpaca farm that was being foreclosed on. When we arrived, we discovered the horrific conditions of the farm, and the extent of neglect to the animals. There was alpaca with toenails so long they could not walk, teeth so long they could not close their mouths, and fibers so long they were in danger of dying from heat stroke.

Their hay was so rotten that it was not even considered suitable for bedding; there was no grain on the premises, we had no idea when their last meal was. Using the Body Condition Score, they all would have rated a one out of five. They were extremely skinny, emaciated and unhealthy. We were able to take 25 of the 100 alpacas home that day. We have since nursed all of them out and adopted them out to their forever homes. We also assisted in finding forever homes for the remaining 75.

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Alpaca Rescue's Aftermath

Since then, we have rescued/ taken in approximately 40 additional alpaca. We have adopted most of these out to their forever homes but we have retained a few for our farm.

Over our 12 years here at Saddle Brook Farm Animal Rescue, we have achieved similar results for many dogs, cats, rabbits, llamas, chickens, turkeys, a pigeon, a zonkey and of course horses.
We know that you are just as concerned about assisting these animals as we are and appreciate that you are interested in sponsoring or adopting one of these adorable gifts from nature. Please let us know on the alpaca rescue form if you are interested in sponsoring or adopting one of the other animals.