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Saddle Brook
Farm's Mission

We welcome horse enthusiasts at any level, from a first-time rider through advanced riders.
What Motivates Us?


Saddle Brook Farm Animal Rescue, a 21-acre haven located in Walden, New York, is devoted to answering the need for rescue and rehabilitation of animals who have suffered abuse and neglect, and to educating our community on the proper care of these animals.

Our Mission
They Need you
You Can Make
The Difference
learn to ride horses and care for animals

100% of donations received go directly to the care of the formerly homeless animals

Through volunteer and enrichment programs, we offer children and adults affordable ways to learn to ride horses and care for animals. We are also developing a program for children with special need.

We rescued our first horse, Brook, in 2006, and named the farm after her. Since then, we have rehabilitated over 50 horses, some of whom became schoolmasters in our education programs, and some who went on to forever homes with students who fell in love with them. Saddle Brook Farm Animal Rescue is also a safe haven for many other animals. Our current rescued animal family includes 14 horses, 4 alpacas, 2 emus, 3 goats, 1 rabbit, 1 mule, and numerous chickens, cats and dogs.

All expenses for the rescue animals were initially funded out of the general farm budget. in July 2014, we were granted 501c3 status as a nonprofit corporation. Saddle Brook Farm Animal Rescue is respectfully requesting assistance and contributions for our on-going efforts to rescue abandoned and neglected animals.

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